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Love Punch Tsunami is a pop-punk/reggae/ska/rock family musical duo, born and formed in Delaware. Jesse Patton-Dougherty and Paul Patton grew up playing music together. However, their collaboration gained momentum and purpose in 2020, when a phone message containing a demo of “One for Love,” which would become one of their debut tracks, inspired the two to make more music—with the purpose of spreading love and hope. 

Jesse and Paul debuted their first single “Don’t Give Up” that same year. The infectious beat, catchy lyrics, and vibrant music video gained LPT many fans. Today, the two continue to write, record and produce songs from their homes, while balancing their daily work and family lives. 

Along with their music, Jesse and Paul have created their own Love Punch Tsunami brand, promoting the band through social media, live shows and an online merch store, the proceeds of which contribute to a charitable cause. 

While influenced by many bands and genres, Love Punch Tsunami can most often be found listening to bands like 311, Sublime and Ballyhoo, to name just a few.

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Want to learn more about Love Punch Tsunami, their music, and when they’re playing? Don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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